Meet the team- Victoria Boerner

Hello everyone! My name is Victoria Boerner, and I am a fourth year student studying music history and environmental science in a concurrent degree, with a minor in Classical Studies.  As you can probably tell, I love learning and find many subjects fascinating- and as such, I am greatly looking forward to learning about archaeology and life in the frontier provinces of the Roman Empire over the next few weeks.  I’ve been interested in participating in this excavation ever since I heard of it in my first year introductory Classics course, and I’m  looking forward to starting to excavate next week (especially now that we have our personal trowels!). The idea that I’m able to contribute to advancing our understanding of history is incredibly exciting.

joint picture
Our personal trowels and excavation notebooks have arrived! I can’t wait to use them.

Outside of school, my favourite hobbies are dancing Lindy Hop (and a teensy bit of Charleston) and reading. My current summer reading list is as eclectic as my degree, and ranges from James Clavel’s Shogun to Johann Quant’z 1752 treatise On Playing the Flute, which I’m looking forward to making progress on in the next few months. As a music major, I play flute and piccolo, and am hoping to try my hand at Baroque flute this upcoming fall.

I hope this gives a brief introduction to who I am. You’ll be hearing from me soon!


Here’s a photo so you can put a face to my name.

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