Hi There!

Hi! My name is Avery Lafortune and  I am finishing up a double major in Art History and the School for Advanced Studies in Arts and Humanities. The Vindolanda Field School is my last class at Western and I am so excited to be here! I have studied some Roman art and architecture in my art history classes and am really looking forward to this hands-on experience. I enjoy learning about people and cultures through the objects they have created and believe studying cultural production is key to understanding any society. My love for art history stems from its connection to humanity. Seeing the artefacts left behind makes me realize how little humans have changed in our desire for beautiful objects and creative expression. Contextualizing my life within the years of human history adds meaning to it. It’s nice to feel connected to those who came before you and understand your place in history and potential impact on the future. There is something extremely powerful in realizing the things we create outlast us. IMG_7586

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