proper photo.jpgI’m Cassidy Wong. I’m a second year student of Classical Studies and Anthropology, but believe me, if I could just have a specialization in archaeology, I would have done it.

I love archaeology – all archaeology, not just Roman, not even just “ancient” archaeology. I can’t help but get excited whether I’m looking at Hadrian’s Wall or North American beer cans barely half a century old. I spent a whole week in May washing mostly-undecorated ceramic sherds every day from eight-to-five in a dusty room full of cats (and I am allergic to both dust and cats), and by the end of the week I was still reluctant to stop – even though it was because I had to prepare to go to field school!

Of course, that didn’t last long – I already love it here. I’ve never been to Europe before, let alone England. The number of beautiful rolling hills, adorable farm animals, and lovely stone buildings I’ve ever seen in my life has literally increased more than tenfold in just three days.

Vindolanda has been absolutely amazing for me, and I haven’t even begun to excavate yet. I can’t wait to get out into the field!


Hey everyone! My name is Christine Englot, I’m from Calgary and I’ve just finished my third year at Western. I’ve changed my modules more than a few times, but am hoping to graduate next year with an Honours dual degree in Bioarchaeology and Classical Studies, and this trip to Vindolanda perfectly feeds into both of these subjects. I’ve been interested in archaeology for a long time and have had a little bit of hands on experience before, but I am truly looking forward to the four weeks ahead to learn more about the Roman Frontier and archaeology itself! Also, because I’m looking into potentially applying to grad schools in the UK, this is a fantastic opportunity to experience the culture and environment of this beautiful country.

After our first large ascent during our hike along Hadrian’s Wall.

My first few days here have been filled with journeys throughout the stunning landscape, including today when we went for a challenging, but rewarding hike along Hadrian’s Wall.

Here’s to hoping the sunny weather will continue for a little while longer!

A panoramic view of the incredible weather we were lucky to have today!




Hello from Vindolanda!

I’m Cody Andersson, currently finishing my first year of the Master’s program at Western. Since high school I’ve had an active interest in anything Roman, and my undergrad at the University of Victoria (UVic) allowed me to test my interest in the field. This dig at Vindolanda will be the third time I’ve participated in an archaeological excavation. In 2013 I dug in Ostia Antica, Italy, and in 2014 I dug in Greece, at a small village in Boeotia called Arma. These two experiences convinced me that archaeology is my passion and a field I very much want to work in.

Excavating in ancient Eleon, Greece

Vindolanda as a whole is shaping up to be a fantastic experience. The site brings me to my main interest, which is the Roman military. The site also connects perfectly with past research I’ve done on the frontiers of the Roman Empire. All in all, Vindolanda is an intersection of all of what first drew me towards the Classical world and specifically Rome and I can’t wait to start digging!



Ben Moore at Vindolanda

My name is Ben Moore. I grew up in the small town of Simcoe, Ontario. As long as I can remember I have been enthralled by antiquity, especially Roman history and philosophy. My interest in the ancient world eventually led me to enroll in the Department of Classical Studies at Western University. I have just finished my third year at Western and I plan to graduate with an Honors degree by next summer.

I am excited to be a part of the Vindolanda Field School. I am especially looking forward to excavating next week with the possibility of uncovering an inscription, that could give us more insight into the everyday life of a soldier.

Till next time, cheers.


This is me, across the big sea!

Me at Stonehenge on a windy but sunny day.

Hello everyone! My name is Meghan Beutler and I’m going into my fifth year of biological studies. Although classics may not be my major, my interest in Roman history and archeology continues to bloom as I travel the UK.

I was fortunate enough to travel to London as well as Newport, Shropshire for two weeks with my mother before arriving at Haltwhistle. It truly was a dream come true!

Me and my mother Carol with Westminster on the Thames River in the background.




The dream continues as for the next five weeks, I get to wake up to amazing views of  the English countryside hills spotted with sheep and cows. And of course learn how to excavate at the Vindolanda field site!

A landscape view on a hike into Haltwhistle.




Hello, all!

Happy orientation week! My name is Sarah Bentley, and I’ll be going into my third year at Western to pursue a major in Classics and a minor in Greek and Roman Archaeology. It’s been a dream of mine for quite some time to one day work in the archaeological field, so field school for me has been a dream come true! I’m excited to learn the methodology of excavation and the history of Northern England, my family’s origin.

Atop the fort wall reconstruction at Vindolanda

I’ve been getting my bearings over the past few days, and the beautiful weather has helped me immensely! The entire experience has been like something out of a fairy tale, complete with fairy tale creatures. The lovely folks at White Craig Cottages have the friendliest animals and friendly animals are a fantastic cure for jet lag.

We’ll get back to you soon with our first hike along the wall! All the best.