The 2nd Annual Blogscars

On Friday, June 23, 2017, the Western Vindolanda Field School celebrated the 2nd Annual Blogscars, an award show celebrating the achievements and hard work of the field schoolers over the past 5 weeks. Because it was also our final night of field school, it was a great time to reflect over the entire course and experience here in England.

The Top Post Award

As the host and producer of the Blogscars, let me share the three categories of the awards and their winners from the 2017 year. First off we have the “Top Blog Post Award” given to the author of the post with the single most number of views on any post that year. The winner of the top post award 2017 was Anna Furfaro with her post, A Rare Artifact Found at Vindolanda.


The Top Blogger Award

Secondly, we have the “Top Blogger Award.” This prestigious award is given to the blogger that, cumulatively, has garnered the most amount of views with their posts. While the top post award rewards a great post, this award rewards consistently interesting and engaging blog material. The winner of this award was also Anna Furfaro! Check out her trench tour video post over here.


The Pimm’s Cup

The final award is called the “Pimm’s Cup” and is the senior student choice award. This is given to the blog post that I believe has demonstrated a great sense of creativity, voice, reflection, and insight into digging at Vindolanda and interacting with the history of the Romans on the frontier. This award went to Elizabeth Clark’s post “A Stone Cold Reality,” a great read for sure!


Congratulations to everyone this year for their effort and for a job well done!