Final goodbyes…

Ok, yes, there were actually some tears…but I won’t tell you from whom! This has really been an amazing trip and almost no one wanted it to end. I think that’s a good sign! We’re planning to do the Study Tour to Rome every other year, alternating with the Vindolanda Field School, so keep an eye on this space as another group of students discovers the various corners of the Roman world, ancient and modern.

You saw our final day together but here are some of the great moments when we gathered at the Centro back in Rome to say goodbye and go our separate ways.

Classic group hug always makes a great photo!

Maria and Amanda really do not want to leave! Miss you guys too!

The airport crew heading out, some of whom were catching flights to continue their adventures in Austria, Spain and elsewhere in Italy.

Another sad face upon departure. More adventures await and we’ll report on those as they come up. In 2019 the Greek Study Tour will run again, so keep an eye on the UWO Classics webpage ( for their blog and you’ll find the Vindolanda Field School right here also in 2019. But for now, arrivederci, ciao, buona sera e a presto!!

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