How has the end arrived so soon?!

The final day of the Rome Study Tour 2018 was not passed without adventure! We made the very most of our bus ride from the Bay of Naples to Rome and stopped along the way for a leg stretch…and a bit of bicycling!

Our final group picture in front of the Villa Vergiliana right before leaving for Rome. Staying two steps from a very ancient amphitheatre was not at all bad! Until next time Villa…

Our first stop was at the 18th-century chateau and gardens of the Bourbons at Caserta. Everyone needed a good stretch so some of us rented bikes in the enormous manicured gardens of the palace and pedalled up to the top of the fountains and through the wooded paths. Lovely!

Next stop: the stunning remains of the amphitheatre at Capua. Like so many places outside the popular spots of Rome, Florence and Venice, we had this place entirely to ourselves. Unlike the Colosseum, you can see the inner construction of the building up close and can have a quiet moment contemplating its brilliance.

Last stop: Rome. It’s almost time to say goodbye folks, until the next adventure!

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