Saturday in the Lake District: Garett’s Top 5

This weekend was the Field School’s Weekend in the Lake District! Jam-packed with all sorts of activities from Friday night to Sunday afternoon, the weekend was an awesome experience, spanning from educational stops to quaint towns. Saturday was the busiest for sure. There are too many things to tell you about in chronological order, so instead of a narrative, here are my 5 favourite parts of Saturday’s activities in the Lake District.

  1. Mountain Goat Bus

The roads were narrow; the roads were winding. The bus was long and wide, but our driver Richard toured us through the mountains with aplomb, dousing us in interesting tid-bits about the region and the people who lived there. Upholding the reputation of its namesake, the Mountain Goat bounced over the hills, never faltering in its step, taking us wherever we needed to go.

  1. Roman Baths at Ravenglass

We have seen many Roman ruins while in Northern England, but this Bathhouse stands out for how well it is preserved. Many of its walls are at least partially standing, and it was well worth it to stop here and check out the building.

  1. Waterless Sea

“Let’s go check out the Ocean – or actually, the sea,” Beth said.

So we walked along the path down to the Irish Sea. We passed under a tunnel, and expecting the bitter cold waves to greet us, we were encountered with something more unexpected. Sand. It was low tide, and the sea wasn’t there at all! While this meant that we couldn’t dip our feet in, it did afford us the opportunity to walk along what is often the seabed, look at the sea shells and jelly fish stranded on the land, and to skip stones in the shallow pools that remained.

  1. Tiny Steam Engine

The coal smoke billowed out from the engine, coating the cars lagging behind in its wake. Occasionally, the engineer would toot the whistle, announcing the train meandering along the track like a trickling ghyll (a word that Richard taught us, meaning a stream that flows down from the mountains). The only trains smaller than this one run tracks around the base of Christmas trees. Primarily meant for young families, this train made kids of us all once again, and was an absolutely delightful way to spend the sunshiny afternoon marvelling at the scenery.

  1. Hardknott

We have seen so many Roman forts in our 4 weeks in England, and though Vindolanda is obviously our favourite by far, no fort rivals the scenery at Hardknott. It is nestled high in the mountains of the Lake District, a great spot to give the Romans control of the area and to signal its complementary fortlet not far in the distance. The pictures speak for themselves, and this site was really  highlight of our 5 weeks in England.

While these were just the top five attractions of our visit to the Lake District, it was overall an amazing trip and one I won’t forget. What a great way to spend the weekend!





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