A Superb Sundae

What a way to end a wonderful relaxing weekend! Everyone together, eating a delicious meal that was once again prepared and enjoyed by all. In a similar fashion to taco Tuesday, everyone pitched in this Sunday to make sure our burger dinner was a success – and it was. Some made the burgers while others chopped the veggies and the finished product was absolutely delicious. With our freshly made burgers, we sat down to watch a movie. Today’s movie of choice: Jurassic Park. However once the meal was done, some sadness began to set in: we had all too quickly finished the amazing food we cooked. But wait, there was more. The sundaes! Once again the excitement rose as we hurried to retrieve the ice cream from the freezer. With many toppings to adorn the chocolate, vanilla, or mint chip ice cream (special shout out to Professor Greene for the ice cream), we were in dessert heaven. There were Oreos, gummies, and chocolate sauce, just to name a few. Everyone created a different masterpiece and each looked just as good as the next.

Creations by Avery (left) and two bowls from Holly and Cassandra

After our a brief and delicious ice cream break, we all sat down to finish Jurassic Park… but before that could happen, we of course had to open a “few” packs of Lego cards, which most definitely made the night even better than it already was. (If you don’t understand why, read Garett’s post!) But, what made the night the most special was that we could all share a meal and movie together, enjoying some laughs and delicious food, all while knowing that the next day, we would be ready to get back into the trenches! It was truly a superb Sunday.

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