A Top Taco Tuesday

Sometimes people wonder how we keep our strength up while digging. The answer is of course tacos! What better way to bond than by eating tacos together! Elizabeth came up with the idea a little bit before hand but the plan all came together Monday. We all quickly chatted during our lunch break and at tea time about items we needed to buy. After a speedy grocery store run, all was ready for the big night.

All our toppings ready to go

Although Tuesday was too rainy for excavations, a lovely morning lecture and a trip to Hexham left us with a leisurely afternoon to prepare for the tacos. Aline and Holly chopped up most of the veggies, while Prem made a fantastic guacamole. I prepared the beef, and Anna prepared a vegan taco filling consisting of rice, beans, tomatoes, and taco seasoning.

What was left of our beef and some of Anna’s taco filling

With everything prepared dinner was ready to be served! It was an organized excitement as we all began to prepare our tortillas, filling them various topping in proportions just to our liking. Seeing everyone’s different tortilla folding strategies and having a good laugh as things got messy, it was a great way to have dinner but also to bond and have a good time. Can’t wait for our next communal meal!

Everyone right before we ate!

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