The Luck of the Irish

Hello from Ireland! 

Garett, Cassandra, and I spent the weekend in the beautiful country of Ireland. It was quite a busy weekend with very little sleep, but the astonishing sights made everything completely worth it, and we managed to luck out with incredible weather! Saturday morning we were up and out of the hostel at 7am to catch our “Paddywagon Tour”. The tour visited a few Irish towns along the coast but the highlight of the tour was our stop to the Cliffs of Moher. We want to pass on a special hello from the Cliffs to fellow Vindolanda volunteers Angie and Ken! 

Cliffs of Moher
The “Selfie-Stick” coming in handy
Cliffs of Moher

On Sunday Garett explored the city of Dublin while Cassandra and I took a half day tour of the “Gardens of Ireland” stopping at Glendalough and Wicklow national parks. The scenery was absolutely stunning. It was really neat to walk through Glendalough park where the wedding scene from the movie “Brave Heart” was filmed, and drive over the famous bridge from the movie “P.S I Love You.” We all met up after lunch to enjoy a tour of the Guinness storehouse and have dinner together. 

“Guinness Lake” at Wicklow Park
Glendalough Park
“P.S I Love You” Bridge
Outside the Guinness Storehouse

A second, and definitely longer trip to Ireland has already started brewing in our minds while we sit in the airport ready to head back for more adventure in Haltwhistle. 

4 thoughts on “The Luck of the Irish

  1. WOW!! If Dad and I make it back to Scotland, as hoped….I will be insistent that we include Ireland and THOSE cliffs as well !
    Hey. I wonder if “Leap Year” with Amy Adams was partly filmed there. I think maybe…😊
    Fantastic pictures!!

    1. Thank you Professor Suksi!!! If you haven’t already been, I truly recommend a trip here. I’m totally in love with Ireland.

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