The Vindolanda Day Spa

Welcome to The Vindolanda Day Spa where we believe the best spa treatments are found in archaeological excavation. The Vindolanda Day Spa is the perfect oasis for stress relief and personal renewal through manual labour. Our philosophy is that the most rejuvenated souls are those with a little ancient dust caked on the outside. We invite you to peruse our list of services provided by the most professional archaeologists in the field using only the highest quality natural products.

Three spa goers enjoying a luxurious Purifying Hand Soak.

Purifying Hand Soak

The Purifying Hand Soak is the perfect remedy after a long day of clawing through dirt. Rinse away your worries and soften your hands in the dark grey waters. Additionally, the communal basin allows for casual socializing with other spa goers. We recommend this treatment as a preparatory step before our manicure services.


Full-Body Exfoliation

Nothing inspires rejuvenation and renewal quite like our Full-Body Exfoliation. Clients will exfoliate the surface of their very own trench, sloughing away excess dirt to reveal the beautiful earth underneath. Sometimes called troweling, the methodical nature of this full-body exercise will lull your mind into a meditative calm. The earth, your body, and our archaeologists will all be thanking you by the end of the day. That’s what we like to call a win-win-win situation! (Although it is very calming as an individual activity, clients may choose the Group Effort option and join their fellow spa goers in a shared trench.)

A beautifully crafted set of Reverse French nails.

Reverse French Manicure

Finally! A long-lasting manicure without the use of gel polish or acrylic! This manicure works on any nail length or shape. We ask that the client paints his/her fingernails beforehand using a polish of their choice (we recommend anything from the pound shop but a nice OPI brand is also suitable). The client is then provided with their very own trowel and hand shovel to clean up the dirt in a variety of sondage holes. By the end of the day their nails will have transformed from a bland, full-coverage polish to a beautiful “Reverse French.” We recommend about four hours for this treatment.

Makeup Application

Who knew archaeologists are some of the best untrained makeup artists in the business? We specialize in contoured foundation looks. Our bronzers are made with the finest natural powders and soils found in the field and made to enhance any skin tone. Instead of using powdered or cream blush, we simply remove the client’s hat until the naturally-occurring U.V. rays achieve that summery sun-kissed complexion.* This way, your glowing look will last for days!

*Please note: sun exposure time will vary depending on the client’s paleness or lack thereof.

Our contour application is suitable for both day and evening looks.


Makeup Lesson

Learn all the tricks of the trade with a full-day lesson in archaeological makeup! Clients will try their hand at excavation as the natural powders (including boulder clay and silt!) contour their cheekbones and the sun’s wondrous rays beat down on exposed skin. With a satisfaction guarantee, we are confident you will leave the site with a new look and the pride of a hard-day’s excavation.



Hot Stone Massage*

What could be better than a warm stone in your hands or under your bottom? Here at The Vindolanda Day Spa we believe the most satisfying hot stones are the ones you find yourself. Spend a nice toasty afternoon digging up your very own stones and allow their warmth to flow from the tip of your trowel to the cockles of your heart.

*Please note: this service is completely weather dependant and will only be available on days reaching temperatures of 20 °C or higher.

Roman Massage

This is one of our most popular services! Named after the civilization you will spend the day searching for signs of, the Roman Massage uses an age-old anti-massage technique. Clients will spend the day shoveling hefty piles of dirt and using improper lifting techniques to target every muscle group in their backs. By lightly straining their back muscles for an extended period of time, clients will feel relieved and relaxed as they slide into the back seat of their car for a midday nap. It is often in the absence of struggle that we feel most at peace. Here at The Vindolanda Day Spa, we like to add a little struggle to your day so that you can better appreciate your peace later.

Additional Services

Our gift shop offers a variety of aesthetically pleasing products made of natural materials found around the site including our famous Stratigraphy Soap.

A slice of our Stratigraphy Soap waiting to be packaged!


All spa goers are welcome to participate in our luxuriously rustic afternoon tea. Fuel your day of rigorous relaxation with a variety of delicious biscuits.

We hope to see you soon at The Vindolanda Day Spa!

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