The World of Excavation Fashion

As the excavators enter the trench we see a varying display of dig attire, however most are sporting a t-shirt type as it is very warm and sunny in northern England today. The noteworthy trends of the summer 2017 are demonstrated here by some of our more stylish models. First down the dirt walkway we have Prem exhibiting the high-waisted and cuffed green trousers that are a major trend this year. This style is often paired with a dirty t-shirt, which is great for multiple days of work, and the outfit as a whole is comfortable and allows for great mobility while digging and pushing wheel barrows. A tip to increase the stylish nature of this look: we would recommend a bright yellow hard hat, this way you get protection from things (such as rocks) hitting your head, as well as the added bonus of being easy to spot in a crowd.

Prem with two versions of a trendy outfit

Next down the muddy aisle we see a group three, all wearing the same shade of blue (more or less). Here we demonstrate the use of bargain brands as a way to save money while also looking very stylish on the dig site. These t-shirts are very versatile as they can be paired with multiple different trousers, for the ideal movement or working situation, demonstrated here by myself (left), Stephanie, and Cassandra. Another way to change up your look on site is to roll up the shoulders of the t-shirts to create a sort of make shift tank top. Not only is this a big trend with our field school models (here shown by Avery), but it is a handy way to avoid those awful t-shirt farmers tans (or burns).

Myself (left), Stephanie, and Cassandra in blue
Avery sporting the cuffed sleeves

We will now see the very stylish and very desirable trend of zip-off work trousers, shown by the always fashionable model Aline. These are great to wear on days like today when the site gets hotter by the hour and you feel the need to cool off a bit. These are a highly recommended article of clothing by our excavators.

Aline with zip-off trousers

If we move on to accessories the most common is the very versatile bandana, as well as the occasional hat. These items are great for covering your head from the sun as well as keeping those unruly hairs out of your face. Both items are ideal to have and wear while excavating and have the added bonus of being able to be worn in all sorts of climates. Bandanas preferably are used because of their ability to transform into different fashion-forward styles, as demonstrated by Anna and Stephanie. All these looks have a purpose and all are equally as stylish this season, and we can look forward to even more elegant and chic items with the upcoming rain, as we will bring out the always popular, always spiffy rain jacket.


Anna (left) and Stephanie showing the versatility of bandanas

Until next time,

  • H.G

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