Laundry Day

In this group there are 10 relatively intelligent university students.  We all live away from home when we are in London which means we do our own laundry.  This being said, how many university students do you think it takes to do laundry in the United Kingdom?  Discretion is advised because some may find the answer shocking.  Three of us went out to the laundry room to attempt to use the dryer and the three of us failed in our attempt.  Now you may be asking how a group of people in their twenties are not able to figure out simple dryer.  The answer to that is the dryers are not simple at all.

I thought that, for this post, I would do a blog on how to use the laundry machines here.  Hopefully it will come in handy for this group as well as future groups of field school students who stay in these cottages.

Laundry in the Cottages 101

The Washing Machine

There are various buttons and pictures on the dial.  None of these make a lot of sense. Thankfully, Prem somewhat remembered how they worked.  He did remember that the button that says “Rinse Plus” should never, EVER, under any circumstances, be touched. For the most successful wash, one should select the middle two buttons and turn the dial to Cotton and Linens 40.  The next step in our washing endeavour was determining which compartment the detergent needed to be poured into.  This was because none of the trays were actually labelled so it seemed like we just had to guess. We tried the biggest one on the far left and, as luck would have it, the correct one was picked.


The Dryer

Holly and I were able to put our laundry in the dryer and we thought we would be able to figure it out together.  One look at the machine told us that would not be the case.

What do any of these symbols mean????????

Thinking that Prem would know how to use it as he had been there before, we decided to go get him.  It turns out, he didn’t so after fiddling around with it for a while we decided to ask Paul who is takes care of the cottages and lives on site.  Even he had no idea! At least, he gave us a suggestion and it turns out that he knew a lot more than he thought he did because his first try worked!

The correct placement of the dials on the dryer

For future field schoolers and visitors of the cottage, I hope this will help people in their laundry endeavours.

(Edit: Turns out Prem found the manual AFTER we had finished all of our laundry!)

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