Laundry Day: An Update

Prem here!

After reading Stephanie’s struggle in the last blog post, I decided to do some hunting and actually found the manual for our tumble dryer! It turns out in Field School, we don’t just learn new things about archaeology on Hadrian’s Wall. I’ve attached the relevant pages in this post for future fieldschoolers and readers to follow along, but I wanted to highlight some of the more interesting symbols with which we had to grapple. Try guessing what they are before reading the answer.

Here’s the symbol, our interpretation, and the actual meaning.


“Cabinet” – this actually just means medium heat


medicine cabinet

“Medicine cabinet” – the plus just signifies high heat



“Sunrise” – air dry (no heat) cycle


rapid dry

“R running away from the sun” – quick dry (even though there’s not even an “R” in the actual name!!!!!)

wizard hat

“Wizard Hat” – this one is the most puzzling but is the symbol for synthetics and permanent press

To make matters even more confusing, the alarm sound OFF is the one on the RIGHT, and the alarm sound ON is the one of the LEFT. Completely counter intuitive!


It turns out that interpretation of the Whirlpool Hieroglyphs is more difficult than the interpretation of Roman artifacts. All in all, I think the take home lesson is: always use words.

Thanks for reading and here’s the dryer manual:

Dryer Manual

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