Brilliant Badminton

Cassandra lines up a shot

She lunges forward. The beads of sweat slip their way down her face. Her arm is outstretched and her racket at the ready, about to make the shot… and… oh so close…. but not quite. Unfortunately this is how it ends for a lot of us, well, “less experienced” badminton players. These are some disappointing attempts to get the perfect shot while on the other hand, the semi-pros execute exemplary elements of the sport, with daring dives accomplished and perfect power presented with every blast. We watch in wonderment as we begin to develop the skills to one day face such polished players.

As the newest of all, Victoria grasps the game quickly and graciously, proving to be a fine contender in this game, while Garett tumbles towards triumph with every shot. But no matter the skill level, badminton night was a fantastically fun experience for all. What a wonderful way to spend Wednesday evenings.

Elizabeth (left) and Victoria as a badminton team

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