2 Museums and Latin Cursive Writing

Alex showing us the Milestone near the Vindolanda Museum.


This morning, one on which the Sun was shining brightly, we were introduced to the Vindolanda Museum. Alex’s limericks led us on a hunt through the museum to search out certain significant artifacts, including the Horse Chamfron, Samian Ware Pottery, and the Lepidina Slipper, none of which any of us had seen before. For the afternoon, we travelled to the Roman Army Museum, featuring awesome examples of Roman military equipment, Victoria’s super informative presentation, and a cameo by none other than Beth Greene in a 3D video about Hadrian’s Wall.



The Latin Cursive Alphabet

One of the most interesting parts in the Roman Army Museum (for me, anyways) was the activity dedicated to teaching the Latin Cursive Script (shown above). Very different than the writing on stone inscriptions, it is in this style of writing that the Vindolanda Writing Tablets have been written. Although our alphabet uses mostly the same letters as the Latin one, the difference between our modern handwriting and Roman handwriting is staggering. Naturally, a few of us tried our hand at writing a few words, and we also deciphered the password for the day, “Barbarus” (or “barbarian”). I challenge you to decode the sentence below, working through both the foreign letter forms and my own questionable attempt at recreating them. It is a Latin sentence, as one in Roman Cursive should be, and I think it’s a fitting sentence to finish with. Tell us what it is in the comments!


4 thoughts on “ 2 Museums and Latin Cursive Writing

  1. Fun! Carthago Delenda est. Carthage is lost (destroyed). No, I didn’t remember it from my high school latin. Praise Google.

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