We Forgot Prem.

Everything was going according to plan. The cake and card were already upstairs as Steph walked through the door of our house. After letting her settle in along with her housemates, Elizabeth coolly walked upstairs, raising no suspicions from Steph. Then Elizabeth came down the stairs with a cake in one hand, and she counted us down from three. We all began to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ as Elizabeth walked over to Steph who was sitting on the floor. The cake was placed in front of her and, elated by the surprise, Steph barely knew what to say to us. She greatly enjoyed the spelling on her birthday cake wishing her a “Happee Birthdae” as a reference to the Harry Potter series she is so fond of. The rest of us were ecstatic that our plan had been executed so flawlessly. The cake was taken to the kitchen table to be cut when we all realized something was missing… We all looked around the room to see what it was or who it was… Garett, Aline, Victoria, Avery, Holly, Cassandra, Elizabeth, Anna, Steph, and Pr – nobody had gone to get Prem.

We all panicked. How had we forgotten such an important member of our group? Elizabeth quickly rushed out to get Prem, and the rest of us decided to reenact the surprise scene. Avery quickly rushed back up the stairs with the uncut cake while the rest of us tried to regain our composure. Soon, Prem and Elizabeth walked back in, while some of us wondered if she had told him or not about what had just happened. A few minutes later, Avery jaunted back down and incited the countdown once more. We all began to sing again while Steph immaculately feigned surprise. Giggles could be heard as we tried to keep it together, but nevertheless, it seems that Prem did not notice our ‘take 2’ of this scene.

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