Lightning McQueen

Hello everyone! My name is Aline McQueen, hence the “Lightning McQueen” joke.

aline walk-2 I am a third year student at Western majoring in Classical Studies, with a minor in Greek and Roman archaeology. So as you can imagine, this opportunity to experience and learn about Roman archaeology in a hands on environment is something I never dreamt I could experience during my undergrad at Western. Archaeology used to feel like something so far away and distant from me, something you only read or heard about in books and movies. Now, it’s real life and it’s my life. It admittedly took me a while to find my passion for classics and archaeology, but now I’m so excited to see where it will take me.

After today, the most intimidating aspect of the course, the on site presentations, is out of the way for me at least. Below you can see me standing beside the granaries at Housesteads Roman Fort, after giving my presentation about how the Romans stored and preserved their food in these types of warehouses. It was such an incredible experience to stand beside, and point to directly to what I was talking about.

The Granaries at Housesteads Fort

I come from a background of ballet training where you learn to express feelings, and tell a story through movement as a type of art. Archaeology is, in a way, the Romans telling us their story through a series of puzzle pieces left behind in the form of buildings, artifacts and so much more. I’m excited to see how the Roman story continues to unfold here at Vindolanda for the next 5 weeks.



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