Archaeologist in Training – Cassandra Phang-Lyn


Hello everyone, I’m Cassandra Phang-Lyn, a Chinese French Canadian who has just finished her second year in an Honour Specialization in Classical Studies. Ever since I can remember, history has been my favourite subject in school. From ancient civilizations to World War II, all periods of history have fascinated me. After taking Classics 1000 and then the Study Tour to Greece, my love for Classical Studies solidified and I knew I had to study it. Archaeology was also an interest of mine as I always loved to watch archaeologists work on the various TV shows that played on the History Channel (although nowadays these shows have become a rarity…).

Never having been to England, I had no idea of what to expect at our accommodations in the English countryside. I was absolutely delighted to see the various farm animals roaming about. I was especially surprised to see horses from my bedroom window, which has only brightened my mood even more! Horses are by far my favourite animal and I also love to ride them. With the mix of the animals to brighten my day and the excitement of the coming excavations, I know I will enjoy this trip more than I could ever have imagined.

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