An Introduction to Garett Schoffro

A candid photo of myself in London photo credit: Aline McQueen

Hey everyone! My name is Garett, and I have just finished my 3rd Year of an Honours Specialization in Classical Studies at Western. I first discovered my interest in Ancient History in Elementary School, and have since taken every opportunity available to learn more about Roman and Greek History. I especially love Latin and Roman Literature. When you combine these passions with my insatiable case of wanderlust, the Field School at Vindolanda presents itself as the perfect program both to get immersive experience in the methods of archaeology and to explore the English countryside (a place I have never adventured to before!).


In addition to this, because Prem, our Senior Student, suggested this as potentially pertinent info for our introductory blog post: my favourite colour is blue. I also love to play guitar, which my cottage-mates will no doubt come to find annoying before long, and I never miss an opportunity to reference the brilliance of Seinfeld. That’s all I have to say for now, except for one thing: I can’t wait to start digging and to get my hands dirty in this excavation!

The souvenir that I bought in London

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