Welcome To Field School 2017

Hello Readers,

It’s May 20th and all the members of the 2017 field school have arrived in Haltwhistle and made their ways to the cottages. Some of them had adventures along the way, including days in Paris, “special” screening by airport security, and frantic runs through Heathrow Airport (shoes optional, as I hear it), but they’re here now and we’re glad to have them.

About half of the team is devastatingly jet-lagged, so we’ve filled them with our traditional first-night pasta bake and sent them to bed. We’ll be up first thing (10:00 am) in the morning and off to Carlisle for our big shop and a trip to the Tullie House Museum for a special exhibit on Hadrian’s Cavalry. We were, however, able to get everyone together for a group photo before they collapsed. I think they look pretty alert. It must be the chocolates we gave them after dinner!  More from Cohors VI Canadianorum very soon!

Group Photo

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