One last time!




Hello, one last time. I cannot believe how quickly my time at Vindolanda has gone! The past five weeks have exceeded any expectations I had before crossing the ocean. Not only have I explored some new places here in the UK and gained an appreciation for the whole archaeological process but I have also gained a new branch of my ever-growing family. It was a pleasure to work with our Canadian cohort as we got to know each other and enjoy their company. I feel so fortunate that I know this crazy crew will be on campus this upcoming year.

Not only have I come to care greatly about my field school classmates but I have also learned so much from everyone over the duration of our time together. Having friends who are able to be your teachers is always amazing.



It was a joy getting to know other Vindolanda volunteers from around the world and share my experience and knowledge about the site with the visitors. The team at Vindolanda made us feel so welcome and have shared their passion for the site. I am truly thankful for everything that Andy, Marta, Lauren and the rest of the team at Vindolanda have taught me and for making sure my time there was brilliant and always interesting.


Our home at White Craig cottages was warm and welcoming and I’m sure we will all agree that breakfast just isn’t the same without Jenny waiting at the window.

Finally, I’m not sure how to express my gratitude towards Beth and Alex for taking us on and guiding us all through this adventure. I’m not entirely sure how they managed our group but we are very grateful and have so much love for you both – you’re certainly part of this family as well. Thank you.


I hope everyone has enjoyed reading these posts, I daresay I will miss writing them. Thanks for coming along on the journey with us all and I wish you well!


One thought on “One last time!

  1. It would be interesting to me to know how life is like after you get home and get on with you Ontario life before school resumes.

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