So long. Farewell. Meghan says adieu.

I cannot even begin to explain how thankful I feel to have had this amazing opportunity. I’m so grateful not only for having the chance to tour so much of the UK as my first abroad trip but, more importantly, for getting to spend 4 weeks excavating at Vindolanda. It was amazing from start to finish, from meeting new and wonderful people from all over, to troweling and spading through yummy muck to discover leather shoes.

View of English countryside out of the plane window
I fell in love with the English countryside at first glance out of the plane window. I was extremely excited for what awaited me at Vindolanda and I certainly was not disappointed! I had the opportunity to reveal the remains of a metal shop in the fort. In the vicus, I was lucky enough to find leather shoes and even a pottery stamp in the anaerobic!

A Mandarin Duck, sighted in London
I want to say a huge thank you to everyone at Vindolanda, especially the staff and volunteers who I met along the way. I’d like to thank Andy, Marta, and Lauren for trusting me to handle these delicate matters even when using both a trowel and a pick axe.

Our last drive from site

And thanks to Beth and Alex for running the Vindolanda field school. Without this program I would not have fallen in love with such an amazing place! But thanks also for letting me, on occasion, play DJ in the van while driving to and from site!

If you have yet to visit Vindolanda, I highly recommend doing so. This amazing site has earned a well deserved place in my heart and I will be back!


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