The Learning Continues…in Northampton

As the dust settles and the tears have dried after the five weeks of field school, all the students (and professors) have moved on to the next part of their journeys. The students now have an opportunity to reflect on their experience here at Vindolanda and as you might have seen, a few have already shared their thoughts. Stay tuned for the next few days as more of these are posted!

Beth and I standing in front of a tanning drum at the Leather Conservation Centre’s Tannery in Northampton. Take note of our official safety gear

Right now, Beth and I have traveled from Northumberland to Northampton where we have the amazing opportunity to take part in a course offered by the Leather Conservation Centre in Northampton about archaeological leather. If you want to see some of the work that I’ve done on leather, check out my earlier post here: ChemisTee(side) 101

Hopefully, we can take the knowledge that we have learned here and apply it to the amazingly preserved leather that we find at Vindolanda! Furthermore, this is a practical as well as lecture based course so we’ll have lots of things to tell you about in the upcoming week.

Stay tuned for more posts about this later this week as the course continues to expand our knowledge. Until then,




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