Jetting back into Jet Lag

Being home after spending 5 weeks away in Haltwhistle is surreal, but nine hours of flying is always worth it when you come home to puppy kisses at the airport.

Not only has this experience been the most fun ever, but I have developed so many skills that I wouldn’t have been able to anywhere else. Realizing that I can now determine whether something is bone or pottery (and between several distinctions) is not something every 21 year can list. My top pick moment of the five weeks: watching Andy pull out the beautifully preserved and stamped barrel stave from the anaerobic mud. This is when I realized just what there is to discover, and why working the way we do is so important. It has definitely inspired me to excavate on other digs both at Vindolanda and throughout the world in the future.

But of course, to everyone that reads our blog thank you for supporting me and following along on this incredible journey. For all of those reading back at Vindolanda (here’s to you Marta, Andy, Lauren) thank you for the experience, the memories, and the best summer I’ve ever had. It goes without saying, but I love to say it anyway, thank you to Dr. Greene and Dr. Meyer for everything that you made possible. I can’t wait to come back for another season,bringing a truckload of new Canadians with me soon!


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