Happy Canada Deh!

Shannon and Ben celebrating Canada Day.

It’s a time be merry and gay,

For it is Canada day.

It was quite a delight,

Seeing all the red and white.

Union Jacks and Star-spangled banners,

Celebrating with us, in like manner.

Vindolanda is like a tether,

That has brought us all together.

Our anthem was played,

As finds were made.

The Canadians giving the excavation team gifts.

Though we were astray,

We came together at the end of May,

From separate paths, our eyes bright,

To undergo this rite.

The Severan ditch,

Then making the switch,

Giving some support,

To the main fort.

In the sun and rain,

Absorbing the knowledge to be gained.

All culminating in a wonderful way,

Here on Canada day.

Marta receiving a big Canada Day hug at the end of the day.

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