Our Cottage Library

Something I wondered about before arriving at our cottages was what our textbooks would be like. We had all been reassured that our books would be available for our use upon arrival but what I didn’t expect was an entire (miniature) reference library!


The books of Shepherd’s Cottage live in the cubbies underneath the television and are in regular use for readings and presentation consultation. As you can see, there are also many books that are great for general information about things we may want to know more about when digging at Vindolanda.


Of these books, there are 4 acting as our textbooks with assigned readings. Of course they cover basic archaeological methods since most of us are digging for the first time and a great deal about Roman military life and structure. Between the two books focusing on Vindolanda itself both the many years of excavation on the site as well as the life of the soldiers and villagers in the extramural settlement we have all gained a better understanding of the history we are adding to.


In conjunction with our continuous learning on site, evening lectures at the cottages, peer presentations and field trips these books have certainly helped to fill in the blanks these last 4 weeks.

P.S. Am I the only one who can’t believe we only have one more to go?!



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