Placing people into binary distinctions is not usually a good thing, but I can say with full confidence that I am a dog person, not a cat person. I always try to find a way to like cats, but then they go on to do something that shatters my affections and leaves me with a few trust issues.

Here at Ald White Craig Cottages, we have a wide array of animals milling about including a friendly dog named Fred, and a sneaky cat named Jenny. Evidently, I am here to talk about Jenny.

Jenny soaking up some English sun

I’m not sure what Jenny does when we’re not around, because though she is an outdoor cat, she spends an awfully large portion of her time pestering us to let her inside of our cottages. And we almost always do. At first I was skeptical, I only have met cats who like to claw everything in sight. However, she quickly took a liking to me despite my best attempts to ignore her, and soon Jenny was waiting outside of my bedroom door while I showered, she would jump a bannister and a door frame to enter my room, and she would snuggle up beside me without any sort of invitation.

I was annoyed, I must admit. But she was and continues to be incredibly adamant on seeing us each day that it is truly heartwarming. Though she glowers in your general direction when you eat food, her love of us (or of our warm homes) has gone so far that she often cries outside of our doors at night, hoping to be allowed in. Just the other day she laid siege on our cottage, bolting to every window and door she could find in an attempt to get inside, narrowly missing her chance as we opened the door for a mere split second.

A cat and a couch

Annoyance has turned into acceptance, and even love. Upon our return from York, we hadn’t seen Jenny in a few days and we were concerned she had disappeared forever. All of the times I’d begged her to leave my bed flashed in my head, which was riddled with guilt. But she appeared again yesterday, and this time with a present (a dead mouse) in tow as though to apologize for worrying us.

Jenny and her thoughtful delivery

What I’m trying to say is that Jenny is much more than a cat. She is a watchful protector who looms over our cottages and comes to show us love when we least expect it. She is also a metaphor for this journey in general; forcing me to accept change and new experiences that may make me uncomfortable or annoyed.

I’m not sure how Jenny has done it, opening my heart to a cat so much that she receives her own blog post. Perhaps she is a spirit, or an apparition sent here to teach me a lesson. One thing I know for sure is that I’m thankful to have had my adventures with Jenny, and will miss her soft fur and her disapproving stare.

The disapproving stare

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