Isobel Brigden: Honorary Canadian

We’ve met more than our fair share of exemplary and outstanding people since we began excavation at Vindolanda, and we’re proud to say that we’ve been collecting friends from the world over! During our first two weeks of work in the vicus, we were lucky enough to meet one Australian in particular who has found herself a place in each of our hearts.

Isobel shows off a fantastic t-shirt which reminds us all that Western University should have its own quidditch team

Isobel is a 21-year-old student of archaeology from Sydney, Australia, who has been fortunate enough to work on both excavation and post-excavation during her stay at Vindolanda. While she’s interested in the behind-the-scenes elements of post-excavation, she admits to being more at home with excavation itself. Isobel chose a career in archaeology not only for the historical allure, but also for the active lifestyle it has to offer.

When asked her favourite thing about England, Isobel’s immediate response was the weather; England is quite mild in comparison with the heat of Australia. She also added that the history of the country is extraordinary, which I think we can all agree on!

Isobel urges anyone considering a trip to Australia to not fear the creatures that roam its lands. They’re really not as scary as we all think. However, she was very adamant to warn us of the threat of drop bears; these creatures will attack indiscriminately, and a hearty helping of vegemite is the only thing to ward them off.

Isobel has been so much fun to have around during these past few weeks, and I think we at the field school are proud to call her an honorary Canadian.

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