trench troll: /trɛn(t)ʃ/ trəʊl,trɒl/, noun: one that loves to dig, is excited by dirt, and tells everyone around them just how excited they are about the dirt. Usually found outside amongst infectiously amazing people, and collect in large numbers near the Vindolanda Roman Fort.

It is time to embrace the trench troll in us all. In the words of our very own Andrew Birley, “archeology is made up of people who like to make a mess, and then like cleaning it up even more”. Wear your mud-stained trousers with pride and hold your chin up as you put on your dusty worn in t-shirt every morning. Take pride in smiling when you realize it’s going to be a muddy day, and that you’ll camouflage extra well with the ground that afternoon.

We do. 

There is something amazing about the people here at Vindolanda. The people that love to dig, be outside, and further our understanding and love of history and archeology. Remember to remind each other that together we do great things with great people. When you find yourself in a community that embraces and encourages you to state “what a pretty rock!!!” every couple of minutes, a moment of silence is deserved. So here’s just a sweet little reminder to everyone that being a troll isn’t always a bad thing.

A trench troll that is. Rock on team.

Haha, ‘rock’ on.


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