The many attractions of York

Side entrance into the Fort hostel

Another weekend has come and gone, which means another adventure has taken place! This past weekend we explored the historic city of York. We stayed at the Fort, a quaint hostel that gave us a place to sleep and to store our bags while we toured the city.

The main archway into the Shambles Market

The center streets around the Minister are laid with old fashion cobblestone. All the lanes are lined with various stores and pubs from Oliver Bonas fashion shop to Bill’s restaurant for breakfast and cream tea. One of my favorites is the open-aired Shambles Market, which just happens to be open seven days a week.

One of the must visit attraction is of course the Minister, the largest gothic style cathedral in Northern Europe. We all climbed the 275 steps up in a narrow spiral to get to the top of the tower. Climbing up 230 feet allows you to see York from the highest point possible. You can also see the extraordinary gothic structure of the roof trusses and the towers from an interesting point of view.

Statue of Emperor Constantine

And you cannot miss the statue of Emperor Constantine seated near the South Transept with his sword. This is very appropriate as his father, Constantius, died in 306 AD in York. They soldiers of York proclaimed Constantine their emperor where he then united the Roman Empire under his rule and legalizing Christianity as the state religion.

Another must do while in York: walk the city walls. These were built by the Romans to act in defense. Most of the wall is well preserved where you can walk along the top or along it. The photo of the wall shown is of one of the towers where the builders did not quite line up their edges. You can see how one edge sticks out further than the other.

A tower along the section of City Wall


IMG_3955Something you might not know is there is a great history of chocolate making within York with family names like Rowntree and Terry producing the Kit Kat and Chocolate Orange for example. We took a tour where we learned to be expert chocolate tasters and made our own chocolate treats. This photo shows the wheel of possible flavour sensations you may taste within a piece of chocolate.

York is a beautiful city with so much history to offer from Roman to Medieval to Chocolate.  The cobblestone streets only adds to the city feel.

My apologies for the late post due to technical and electronic problems.




One thought on “The many attractions of York

  1. Hi Meghan. It’s Aunt Elaine. Very interesting article about York. The pictures were awesome. Did you get dizzy up there? Your knees were probably very sore after. Sounds like you’re having a great time there!

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