The Home Front

Hey everyone,

Some of the most common questions that we get asked, both online and in person, are about our living situation. So, I figured I’d let you all in on how we’re set up. While we are here, we are renting two lovely cottages for the students and another one for Prem. In Coach House there is Cassidy, Christine, Justine, and Cody; while Shepherd Cottage is temporarily home to Sam, Meghan, Sarah, Ben, and myself. Each cabin does things a little differently, but food is not supplied for us. We cook our own meals each day, and buy our own groceries at the local Sainsbury’s twice a week. Sam is an amazing cook and has been giving us in Shepherd a lot of lovely meals. We have recently set in place an alternating schedule of dish washing duty in pairs so that those of us who didn’t cook can still help around the house. Laundry wise, we do our own individually, but once a week one of the owners, a lovely lady named Sue, washes our sheets and towels for us. The cabins are a wonderful place to come home to at the end of a long day of excavation, and Shepherd has the most amazing leather couch I have ever laid on! So squishy and comfortable, I just wish I could take it home with me at the end of our stay.

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