We got a little side-tracked…

Sam and I in an ivy tunnel at Alnwick Garden

Somehow Sam and I missed the minibus back to Haltwhistle from Newcastle on Saturday and ended up in Alnwick for the night. While we were here, we took advantage of this quaint little town and visited the Alnwick Castle and Garden on Sunday. Although the weather was a bit wet with rain and fog, this only added to the mystical feel of such a magical place.

With my biology background, I have wanted to visit the legendary Poison Garden which is home to hundreds of plants that could kill you. Of course we couldn’t forget about the equally as legendary castle right next door. Alnwick Castle was even used as a set during the filming of the Harry Potter movies.

The signs pointing us in the right direction
Alnwick Castle with a misty background




A sample of flowers in bloom at Alnwick Garden











Unfortunately, we were not allowed to take photos of the estate to share with you. But if you are ever in the area, we highly recommend visiting the Castle just to see the library. This was most definitely our favourite room.

The current Duchess of Northumberland initiated the formation of the Garden and the idea of the Poison Garden was also hers as well.

The entrance gate into the Poison Garden


There are so many aspects to the Garden such a mini bamboo maze, Cherry tree patch, water works, rose garden and much much more. There is even a quest to save the Beauty from the Evil Queen. You answer riddles as you tour the Garden with hints as statues or figurines.

We had such a fun day, even though we got a taste of the British rain. We do recommend that if you happen to find yourself in the Northumberland area, take the time to visit Alnwick.

-Meghan and Sam

One thought on “We got a little side-tracked…

  1. Hi Meghan, it’s Aunt Elaine. Very interesting comments about your unplanned side trip. It sounds like you’re having a great time. Good thing you didn’t get lost inside Hogwarts with the changing staircases and end up in Professor Snape’s potions class! Take care of yourself. Bye for now.

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