One Week Down, Three to Go

Our first week of excavation is over! It was long and exhausting, but very rewarding as you have all found out. On Saturday, we took a day trip to visit the fort of Arbeia at South Shields, where we saw a reconstruction of the West Gate. It was larger than what I had pictured in my head, so it was very informative to see the difference. The three story structure was impressive, and allowed me to imagine the height of the walls surrounding the fort compared to the foundations we normally see on site and at other places we have visited.

The Western Gate

After visiting Arbeia, we made our way to Newcastle. We made a quick visit to the museum before we were let loose on the streets for free time. Ben found out that a medium coffee here is not the same as at home.

Is this really a medium?

It was wonderful not having to wake up to an alarm today, as it’s a lay around day that we have no set plan for. Sarah was a cutie and made pancakes for everyone this morning (very delicious). We are happy that we can use today to recuperate for the start of our second week of excavation.

2 thoughts on “One Week Down, Three to Go

  1. LOL, LOL The adventure you students are on is very enlightening for us as well. Views in the pictures captured shows us a lot.

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