Velcome to the Vicus

Day two of excavation and we’re getting into the thick of it! Although we were all very sad (unwillingly) abandoning our team to the north, the melancholy didn’t last long. Andy kept us all on our toes, perfecting our troweling, and teaching us some invaluable spade handling tips.

Our trench sans turf – time to trowel!

I am proud to say we found a few pieces of black burnished ware, and all of us were very intrigued to see the small etches into the sides. Finding them was a relief after hours of shoving ‘pretty’ rocks at Andy, convinced they were something fantastic; more often than not, they were just rocks.

Black burnished ware

As exciting as being in the vicus is archaeologically, it was also a chance to interact with both the other excavators in the field as well as many different visitors to the site. It was so lovely to hear words of encouragement and affirmations from people coming to view the site. It definitely gave us all a better handle on explaining our site, and solidifying what knowledge we have about our trench in context to the site. It left us all feeling closer to the other teams, working in the same area, and sharing in their finds (which included a silver coin!)

I’m excited to see what tomorrow brings as we dig deeper into our trench. Here’s to a great day, with many more to come!

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