And So It Begins!

Today began the first day of excavation for our group. We will be working North field this year, a way away from the main site. Reaching our trench, we were excited to see that our shed was still standing: proof of our great team building skills.

Proof our shed is still standing

During our time here in England, it has been exceedingly sunny, making our trench very, very dry. The layer of clay has been transformed almost into stone, making the beginning of our dig more difficult than we expected it to be. We received  little bit of a shock when Alex told us that what we needed to do first was clean up the trench. How does one do that? Well, he ended up explaining to us that we needed to get all of the lose pieces of dirt, rocks, and other debris out of the way so we could begin excavating below. It took me a while to get the hang of alternating between using a brush to get the small pieces and a trowel to scrape up the bigger bits.

Cleaning up our trench

While we were cleaning, we had a few interested neighbours wander over to find out what we were doing.


Curious Cows

It was tough work, but we did get the trench clean enough for us to start going deeper. Before we knew it, the end of the day arrived and we had to pack up to go home. It was a very exciting first day, full of learning and sweat (it was really warm here today), but I can’t wait to see what tomorrow is going to bring.

A Beautiful End To a Beautiful Day


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