Some Site Seeing

Hi everyone!

Today was a break from upper and lower body workouts as we were carted around the region to various sites along Hadrian’s Wall.Though we swept through so many new experiences today, I’ve chosen to highlight my top five moments for you!

1)    The stores in the basement of the Corbridge Museum

Unfortunately, I’m lacking in photos from this point in the day, but I can say that we found the rows upon rows of boxes of artifacts from the region rather incredible! It was amazing to see the mass amounts of items that have been discovered and stored, but that have not been put on display in museums.

2)    The Roman Baths at Chester and the views along the River Tyne

I took plenty of photos at Chesters Roman Fort on Hadrian’s Wall and I believe that they will be able to speak for themselves!

The view walking down to the Roman Baths at Chesters


3)    A Roman Diploma

There were many incredible inscriptions and items on display at Chesters, but among the most intriguing was definitely this Roman Diploma, which a Roman soldier received upon his dismissal from the army. IMG_1493.jpg

4)    The Mithraeum at Brocolitia

The Mithraeum was a stunning insight into frontier ritual spaces and practices, and even had replicas of the woven wattle and daub benches and walls used by the Romans.

The Mithraeum


Altars in the Mithraeum

5)    Presentation on photography in the Hedley Center at Vindolanda

We ended our day with a fascinating presentation given by four Visual Arts professors from the University of Connecticut. It was amazing to learn about how differently the artists perceived and photographed the beautiful landscape of northern Britain and provided insight into how each of us here focus on different aspects of our shared experiences.

Until next time! Cheers!

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