How Many Western Students Does it Take to Build a Shed?

We’ve done the math, and it turns out it takes exactly nine students, one TA, and two professors! We are very excited and very fortunate to be excavating a new trench in the north field at Vindolanda, and though the digging had already begun by the time we arrived on site, it was up to us to build ourselves a shed.


The corrugated plastic structure came to us in pieces, slightly warped, but we dove in head-first with determination. It was a challenging three hours, and quite the emotional rollercoaster, but each and every one of us put in our best effort and came out the other end as a team. With the hope that it doesn’t blow away with the wind, we left it until excavation begins on Monday.


Today was our first look at the Vindolanda Museum, and it must be said that the gardens on its grounds are beautiful. We were tasked with finding several artefacts within the museum with only clever limericks as our guide!

We attended a fascinating lecture this afternoon from Dr. Clive Bridger-Kraus on Roman Xanten. This settlement in Germany once housed the Legion VI Victrix – a legion we’re growing quite familiar with, as it was one of the legions which would later travel north to construct Hadrian’s Wall!

All the best!



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