proper photo.jpgI’m Cassidy Wong. I’m a second year student of Classical Studies and Anthropology, but believe me, if I could just have a specialization in archaeology, I would have done it.

I love archaeology – all archaeology, not just Roman, not even just “ancient” archaeology. I can’t help but get excited whether I’m looking at Hadrian’s Wall or North American beer cans barely half a century old. I spent a whole week in May washing mostly-undecorated ceramic sherds every day from eight-to-five in a dusty room full of cats (and I am allergic to both dust and cats), and by the end of the week I was still reluctant to stop – even though it was because I had to prepare to go to field school!

Of course, that didn’t last long – I already love it here. I’ve never been to Europe before, let alone England. The number of beautiful rolling hills, adorable farm animals, and lovely stone buildings I’ve ever seen in my life has literally increased more than tenfold in just three days.

Vindolanda has been absolutely amazing for me, and I haven’t even begun to excavate yet. I can’t wait to get out into the field!

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