Some of my favorite moments…

Not every fabulous moment at Field School makes it onto the blog, so I thought I’d share a few of my favorite shots from Field School 2015. Here goes:

1) This one never gets old. Everyone reclining like the Roman elite at the reconstructed praetorium (aka, the commander’s posh house) at South Shields.

2) Prem hamming it up on the milecastle at Poltross Burn. This is one of my very favourite spots along the wall.

3) Our first big hike was a picture perfect day. Here’s Steve hanging out at our lunch spot at Thirlwall Castle.   

4) The second big hike was one enormous wind storm, the direction of which was in our favour, I’m happy to say! Here’s Prem waving the Western flag high.

 5) I love when students first start uncovering the Romans on the excavation. Here’s Sarah with one of her first finds down in the anaerobic conditions under the vicus.   

6) The weekend in the Lake District is a highlight for almost everyone. Our first stop is at the stunning Bronze Age stone circle at Castlerigg. Mel and I photograph each other while Rachel photo bombs in the background.

7) Alex hanging out in the mist at Hardknott Pass. Difficult to see but very atmospheric, a trade off.
8) Rachel had a habit of getting really dirty but not really knowing quite how dirty!  

9) Dress up also never gets old. Nick doesn’t look so sure about being covered in the garb of a friar at the Hexham Abbey museum.  
10) Group hug at the airport when we all dropped Prem off. After this I took everyone else to the train station. So sad to see everyone go! 

2 thoughts on “Some of my favorite moments…

  1. I miss these guys a lot. Rachel’s photo bomb is supreme and Alex looks like Freidrich’s Der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer.

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