As our final day of digging came to a close I couldn’t help but feel a sense of loss. This trip has been the experience of a lifetime, it’s shown me new things that I realized I love, and given me many new relationships with some amazing people. I knew two years ago that I wanted to be a part of this field course, back when Professor Greene first mentioned it in her Ancient Cities course when I was in second year. Even now, as I’m writing this on my third connecting flight home it still seems almost like a dream that I got to take part in something as amazing as this.

Early on in the trip, I realized that this experience is what I make it. I realized I wanted to take every opportunity that came my way, luckily the Global Opportunities award made that possible. Without it things like my Sunday trip to Newcastle, and a lot of the fun we had in the Lake District would’ve been out of my reach financially, but thanks to that I had the opportunity to make the most of my experiences here and for that I am very grateful.

The past 5 weeks have taught me many things about myself. Such as my ability to guilt trip myself. For many of the extracurricular hikes, such as High Street, and Loughrigg, I was always on the fence about whether I wanted to do them at all. I’m not the greatest hiker, uphill stretches, especially steep ones, feel like my mortal enemies, and I was holding myself back because of that. But then I thought about it and realized I was going to miss out on these once in a lifetime opportunities because I was doubting my own abilities. So I guess I learned more about myself (not just my self guilt-tripping!) but about my own determination and perseverance.

I would call this experience life changing, and eye opening, and can confidently call it the best 5 weeks of my life, no matter what weather and insects were thrown our way. It may be over, but the midgey bites will last for a little while yet.

Steel Rigg, on Hadrian’s Wall
Hexham Abbey
Start of the first hike!
Alex finding the Samian cup, Day 2!
Recap of my first find! Proud moment.
Lunch break during our hike up Loughrigg in the Lakes District.

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