Until Next Time Vindolanda

Hi all,

As I boarded the plane from Manchester to Toronto the realization of not seeing Vindolanda for some time really sunk in. Over the last five weeks I had one of the most memorable trips of my life. From seeing some worldclass views along Hadrian’s Wall to working with world class archaeologists, Vindolanda Field School was a once in a life time experience that I will remember forever.

I just wanted to take a few sentences to thank my donor. Although I never got to meet or know who you are, THANK YOU so much!! Your generous sponsorship helped me learn, laugh and make new friendships with individuals from around the globe. Without you this trip would not have happened, so once again thank you!

My most memorable experiences of Vindolanda would have to be the hikes. Here we took on some difficult challenges of steep inclines, rocky terrain and slippery slopes. However once we all got to the top of the wall/peak the views were more than worth the effort of the climb. 

Along with the hikes I will always remember the people I got to work with, especially Director of Excavation Dr. Andrew Birley. He was not only an inexhaustible wealth of information on Roman Britain, but also a very worthy badminton opponent. If Andy is reading this, thank you for the five weeks of excavations, and more importantly, thank you for the Gentleman’s Relish!

I know everyone on field-school had just as amazing a time as I did.



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