Well, the time to leave is here and I am extremely sad to be leaving. When I was accepted to the Field School I was so excited, and it felt like forever before I finally arrived here. From the start I had a great time learning all about the history of England and the Roman Frontier. Then came our first day of work on site, and we were immediately welcomed as part of the Vindolanda team. The magnitude of the work we were doing set in pretty quickly, but everyone was incredibly helpful and patient when teaching me what to do. The weeks seemed to pass by too quickly on site, amidst lots of laughs and a lot of hard work. I will always remember what I have learned and all the wonderful people I got to work with.

I would like to thank Dr. Andrew Birley for being a wonderful teacher, and also to thank him for the nickname. I would also like to thank my professors, Dr. Greene and Dr. Meyer for giving us the chance to have this wonderful experience, as well as our TA Rob for his guidance during our 5 weeks here. This has honestly been the best experience of my life, and I will carry these memories forever. I will definitely be making it back to Vindolanda somehow, hopefully soon. However it’s not quite time for me to go home yet. My next adventure includes meeting up with my parents in London and seeing more of England and Ireland.

Mel aka “The Hammer”

Vindolanda on friends night
Vindolanda on friends’ night
Hiking Hadrian's Wall
Hiking Hadrian’s Wall
Me and Andrew Birley.
Me and Andrew Birley on the last day of excavations.

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