As our time here in Haltwhistle comes to a close, I would like to reflect on my experiences over the past five weeks. When I was accepted to the Vindolanda field school I knew I was going to be digging at an internationally renowned archaeological site.  The magnitude of the work we have been doing set in as we began our first days of excavation, and through learning more about the site and artifacts from weekly lectures, presentations, and museum trips. I have learned many archaeological skills that I am excited to apply in the future, such as working with total station technology for creating digital plans of archaeological sites. I am not only thankful for what I have learned, but I am also so glad that I was able to fulfil the dream of traveling to England. Hiking the English countryside, touring historic sites, having real tea time – what more could I have asked for! I would like to thank my professors Dr. Greene and Dr. Meyer for this opportunity, as well as our teaching assistant Rob for his ever patient guidance in the trenches. I would also like to thank the Vindolanda site director Dr. Andrew Birley for his many teaching moments which were well mixed with a great sense of humour. A final thank-you to Audrey Amo and Western Global Opportunities Awards who helped me to accomplish these dreams, and have an experience of a lifetime!

I will be bringing so many memories home with me to Canada. Here are a few that were captured!

A Jane Austen inspired photo from our first hike.
A great view from a milecastle on our second hike.
Streets of Edinburgh.
Edinburgh Castle.

Thank-you for reading!


2 thoughts on “Farewell!

  1. I love the way you captured the skies in your various pictures. It added to the composition nicely. You will enjoy all the memories through your photos and in your mind’s eye.

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