Photo Contest !

Calling all Facebook users!

The San Jose Sharks (hockey team) have been doing a photo contest for sometime now. The contest is for fans to take really cool pictures from around the world with one of their signs. Since I am a huge Sharks fan and knew I would be hiking along Hadrian’s Wall I brought the sign with me hoping for an amazing view along the wall. I had no idea I would become one of the finalists for their photo contest and now have a chance to win the grand prize of autographed memorabilia !

The winner is decided by whoever gets the most likes on their photo on Facebook. I am currently in second place with 131 likes (first place with 132). Voting ends on Friday June 26th at 12pm Eastern time. If you could please help me out I would be ever so grateful ! the link for the photo is:

Me along Hadrian's Wall (hopefully the contest winning photo as well!)
Me along Hadrian’s Wall (hopefully the contest winning photo as well!)

with your help I would be the first Field Schooler to win the contest and would mean a lot to me !

Thanks for your help


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