Old Friends and New Faces

Norman about to remove some mighty large rocks.
Norman about to remove some mighty large rocks.

Its the beginning of a new session out here at Vindolanda and therefore the fort field schoolers have switched with the vicus field schoolers. Our day began with a quick overview by Andy and back into excavation we went. My end of the fort was stationed at the rampart near the south wall. This area is being taken out completely to the ground level, and then even lower to what may be an earlier fort wall below. So we began this project…and ended up being rained out soon after lunch. This didn’t stop us however and after hiding out in the excavation shed for a few minutes we were shuffled around a bit. While some of the fort de-turfed, others like myself were sent to “de-slime” and remove the worst of the mud. After tea time we were ready to excavate our side again and Norman joined me with a pick-axe and spade, ready to go! Despite the weather, I think we managed to make some pretty good progress.

New recruits: Kim and Murphy.
New recruits: Kim and Murphy

As I mentioned before though, a new period of volunteers have begun and we got to meet some long time veterans and some first timers. This is Kim and Murphy’s first excavation at Vindolanda but they sure have been waiting a while. A few years ago they walked Hadrian’s wall and found Vindolanda on the way. They both really enjoyed the site and made their way down to the museum as we all have done. Much to Murphy’s surprise, he discovered he could join the excavation team! There was one problem though: he was only 14 at the time. Kim, his mother, made him a promise that they would come back when he was old enough, and here they are, ready to discover alongside us.

2 thoughts on “Old Friends and New Faces

  1. Alex and Beth may have already told you, but they found Vindolanda in much the same way! And here we are, 10-12 years later!

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