It’s a Hardknott life….

Hi all,

If anyone has the opportunity to take the Hardknott pass, and see the Roman fort on top of a mountain, it is surely a must do. Unfortunately the weather was not so cooperative, and it was foggy and rainy for the majority of the day. However we did not let this affect our day, and we powered through the poor weather to have a fantastic day. The pass (normally) has some of the most spectacular views one can hope for, and it is also one of the most terrifying drives in the world. You start the day by cruising through the countryside until you reach an extremely steep and windy road. On the ascent you drive on a road that looks barely able to fit one car let alone two. As you have seen from previous posts we were in a monster truck of a bus so needless to say driving along this road was an experience.

Once you get to the top you can really put the drive into perspective,

Hardknott pass
Hardknott pass

Since the weather was not very cooperative we got views more like this….20150620_110407 20150620_112156 20150620_112501

Finally we got to Fort Hardknott and I was able to give my presentation about the fort in the pouring rain. We got absolutely soaked and couldn’t see much of the view but it was totally worth it since Hardknott has some very unique features. The most noteable being that Hardknott has one of three surviving military parade grounds in the Roman Empire!

Since a lot of our readership has knowledge of Classical Studies I will leave you with a few questions: What is a parade ground used for? and What is Hardknott’s Latin name?

Answers will be posted by Thursday June 25th!



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