Progress in the Fort!

Today Prem, Rachel and the other volunteers working on the 3rd century road can breathe a sigh of relief. After much confusion over what level the 3rd century road is on, things are finally becoming clearer. The big find of the day was not an artifact, but a drain. This drain would have ran alongside the road in front of the barracks blocks, removing water and other debris away from the buildings within the fortifications. Mel continued to working on the 3rd century via principalis, a main road of the fort. It’s all starting to come together! I spent the day excavating down to the flagstone floor inside the 3rd century barracks, which had been usurped by the 4th century road. Not many artifacts have come out of the fill, but it has been very rewarding to slowly discover such a beautiful flagstone floor. You can even see the ledges where the flagstones would have been placed!

3rd century drain.
3rd century via principalis road, which runs East to West within the fortifications.
Room 1 of the 3rd century barracks. The large flat stones are the flagstone floor, with the rest of the area being leveled off.
The ledges in the North-East corner of the 3rd century barracks where the flagstone floor would have rested.

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