Update on the Flagstone floor

Hi all,

Just a quick update on the flagstone floor my team found in the Severan barracks (in the vicus). After spending two days on the same context layer, carefully clearing away clay and debris from the flagstone floor, we were disappointed that it did not go across the whole context layer. However it did go back further than we anticipated making the discover even more exciting.

20150610_161600 (1)
Flagstone floor is on the far left hand side, as you can see it went back almost the whole context layer.

So what happens now? After seeing exactly where the floor remnants laid, the team and I prepared them to be photographed and digitally scaled into a 3D model. The team and I had to define each flagstone and clear away all “loose” dirt so the 3D model could be as accurate as possible. Once the tedious cleaning was done, our supervisors (Lauren and Prof Greene) placed scale rods in one corner of the context layer. 20150612_133400 This will help when analyzing the 3D model by giving proper scale so in the future we know exactly how big and far apart each stone is from one another. Then the photos are taken in a 360 degree radius, usually around 60, to give proper angles of each stone. Once the photos are taken they are then inputed into a computer software that will analyze them and put together the 3D model.

This upcoming week my team will finally be in the anaerobic soil conditions and hopefully will start finding more interesting items !

20150612_145923 (1)
The wheel barrows are on the flagstone floor context layer. We are now in context 22B (the darker layer on the bottom)

– Steve Neumann

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