Thank You Wellies Fairy! (Aka, our generous donors)

Look at all these shiny new wellies! And for them we have to thank our very generous donors to the field school program. In the past, by the time field schoolers arrive in the UK they are on a pretty tight budget and when we head out to buy our work wellies usually the 5-pound type fulfills the requirement. These have featured everything from zebra stripes, to pink and purple polka dots, and one year we even had a pair with horses on them. Well, no more cheap wellies here! This year we were lucky enough to receive a donation to help cover some costs and we decided a worthy purchase would be safety wellies for everyone.   

We thought you might also appreciate learning about the safety features of these wonderful and ever-necessary items. We were able to upgrade to the full safety Wellington with steel toes and solid soles. As you can see, not just any mishap in the field will put the wearer of these boots out of commission.

Not only will these protect from a casual misstep of another wellie wearer, but they provide full protection from your rogue pick axe, mattock or spade!

These are the real thing folks and thank you from the bottom of our, ehem, soles to those who made it possible for the students to save a few bucks AND have protected toes! And for those of you who have followed this blog for 4 years now–you will remember the important place of the wellie in the field school experience as demonstrated by our intrepid pilot season of 2012.  Alicia captured this perfectly in that rainy rainy season with her ‘Ode to the Wellie’. If you don’t remember this piece of poetry look back to posts in July 2012 to see it. Enjoy and thank you to all those who make this experience possible!

One thought on “Thank You Wellies Fairy! (Aka, our generous donors)

  1. I remember Alicia’s Encomium to her Wellies. These ones are really splendid, though. I had no idea there was such a thing as a steel-toed Wellie.

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